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If you're looking for tailored aviation resources for that special event, EPS Helicopter Services are the experts. We have worked on a number of major events, from the inaugural Red Bull Heli-Surf competition to Top Gear Australia. EPS Helicopter Services can provide custom designed and engineered equipment, along with obtaining the necessary CASA approvals of that equipment for flight.

Holden Car Dealer

Free Chopper Rides

A car dealer has taken the showroom battle for new-car sales to the sky. Jumping castles, sausage sizzles and staff wearing bear costumes have been overtaken by helicopter rides.

Not the $1 helicopter rides found in shopping centres, but the real deal. A Holden dealer in Penrith has taken the unprecedented step of offering a free helicopter flight to new car buyers this weekend.

"To attract people to our yard we have had giant slides, jumping castles, ice-cream trucks, golf pros, and race cars. But nothing like this before," dealer principal of Heartland Holden Penrith Adam Mears told News Limited. "To my knowledge no-one has done this from the actual dealership before and on the day of the sale. The helicopter should draw lots of attention."

There are a few conditions: the new-car deal must be signed on the weekend and applies only to the Holden Penrith dealership. The flights are dependent on clear flying conditions. "If there is bad weather or bush fires the helicopter can't fly in the area," Mears said. The Australian new-car market is the toughest in the developed world, with 67 brands competing for 1.1 million sales. In the US, 28 brands compete for 14.5 million sales. Last year was an all-time record for new-car sales in Australia, but Holden posted its lowest result in 19 years as buyers embraced imports buoyed by favourable foreign exchange rates.

"Definitely selling cars is more competitive than ever with so many brands sold in Australia," Mears said. "We are always looking for new ideas to attract people onto our yard. That's why we are going to great heights to sell people a car."

Holden Car Dealer

Bridge to Bridge Water Ski Race

EPS Helicopter Services has been providing aircraft to the NSW Water Ski Federation for over 7 years. In 2012, two aircraft were provided for the event.

As Australia's internationally-renowned water ski race, the Bridge to Bridge holds a special place in the hearts of many Australian water skiers, and also attracts competitors from around the world. The race begins at Dangar Island, located at Broken Bay in Brooklyn in Sydney's north-east, just a few kilometres before the Hawkesbury River meets the Tasman Sea.

Crossing under the Brooklyn Bridge, it continues west through the Hornsby Shire Council before crossing into the Hawkesbury Council area at Wisemans Ferry, snaking its way past townships such as Ebenezer, Sackville, and Cattai before finishing in the historic centre of Windsor - a distance of 112 kilometres in total, with boats and skiers exceeding 200 kilometres per hour. Thousands of fans customarily gather at Governor Philip Park near Windsor Bridge to welcome home the competitors, their screams adding thrills to the occasion as the boats come whizzing around the final bend.